What Team Hired the NFL’s First Professional Cheerleading Squad, in 1972?

Emma | 03 - 09 - 2020
What Team Hired the NFL’s First Professional Cheerleading Squad, in 1972

The Dallas Cowboys team hired the first professional cheerleading squad back in 1972. 

The original name of the squad was CowBelles & Beaux. Then in the year 1969, the original name was changed to “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders”. It consists of an all-female squad.

The name brings memories of the beautiful American women in blue and white uniforms cheering the victory of the game with their perfect timings and flexibility on the field. It is said that “American sweethearts are truly National Football League’s darlings”.

1. What Team Hired the NFL's First Professional Cheerleading Squad, in 1972?
  • A. The Dallas Cowboys
  • B. The Denver Broncos
  • C. San Diego Chargers
  • D. Los Angeles Rams

The squad’s age requirement was changed to women over 18 years in 1972, and the uniforms were redesigned to the basics of what it is today. This new-look squad first appeared in 1972 and has been a staple ever since.

The uniforms are carefully trademarked and cannot be duplicated without the written permission of DCC. Since first introduced with the formation of the squad in 1972, there have been only six modifications to the uniform.

Beginning-The Cowboys manager in the year 1960, tried to hire professional models for the sideline to support football and to make it a sports entertainment.  He wanted to promote the sports through pretty girls. But it didn’t work well. Somehow they managed to cheer football for the 1971 SuperBowl Championship. And in 1972 season, a new idea was born.

When the 1972-73 NFL season kicked off, it was the major turning point in Cheerleader history.

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