Who Is Richard Branson?

Ashley | 08 - 07 - 2021

Who is Richard Branson and how did he become the first billionaire to visit space? Here is his journey to space curated for you.  

The billionaire space race has officially begun with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launching their respective passenger spacecraft. 

Branson is the founder of the Virgin group of companies established in 1970. He has currently expanded into health, banking, traveling, telecommunications, and entertainment. Virgin Galactic is the space company owned by him.

Who Was the First Billionaire in Space?
  • A. Elon Musk
  • B. Jeff Bezos
  • C. Sir Richard Branson
  • D. Jack Ma

When Is Richard Branson Going to Space?

Sir Richard Branson’s space trip was launched on Unity 22, a rocket designed by Virgin Galactic on the 11th of July 2021.

Branson got the idea to build a spacecraft in 2004 and was sure to make it a commercial success by 2007. Certain delays and fatal technical issues in 2014 made the project challenging for the crew. 

  •  The sub-orbital spaceship Unity 22 took off from a runway at Spaceport, New Mexico, and landed back safely after 90 minutes of flight. 
  • Sirisha Bandla was responsible for handling research experience, Colin Bennette evaluated cabin equipment, Beth Moses was the chief astronaut instructor and Branson was in charge of private astronaut experience.
  • The veteran pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci who worked for the Air Force launched Virgin Galactic’s first spacecraft with several other NASA veterans.

Jeff Bezos’ Space Trip

Jeff Bezos launched himself and 3 others into space 9 days after Richard Branson in a spacecraft named New Shepherd designed Blue Origin, owned by the Amazon founder himself.  His mission was also a grand success and both billionaires are ready to make space tourism possible. 

The businessmen faced several backlashes from the world for spending so much on space when more pressing matters on earth required funding. Jeff Bezos didn’t comment on the same and thanked his employees for his grand success while Branson said that the world needed more spaceships to monitor earth from afar.

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