Why Do Chocolates Feel So Good?

Leia Smith | 05 - 11 - 2023
Chocolate Bars

Ever wondered why chocolates possess a special place on Valentine’s Day and for romantic occasions? Chocolate, a godsend gift to lift your spirit. Unlike other drugs which usually make you sick, chocolate relieves and destresses the body without making it drowsy. It is natural to enjoy the chocolates in every bit, when it touches the tongue, it elevates your mood and calms you down.

Undoubtedly, chocolate brings a lot of happiness but do we know the science of chocolate?

Chocolate and Mood

No wonder why Mayans considered chocolate as the food of Gods. One bite of chocolate is enough to brighten up the mood. People crave chocolate for its silky texture and enhanced aroma. Besides the sweetness of chocolate, it is loved for its fatty texture and brilliant taste. 

What happens when you eat chocolate?
  • A. Elevates the mood
  • B. Saddens the mood
  • C. Nothing
  • D. All the above

Just like the taste, the science of chocolate will also astonish you. 

The Science of Chocolate

The remarkable taste of chocolate can have a huge impact on your mind, spirit, and body. Apart from the texture, color, and taste, the chemicals added to chocolate trigger a person to eat more. Here’s the list of chemicals that do the magic tricks:


Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which stimulates the release of chemicals in the brain including endorphins, serotonin, and serotonin. Chocolate is considered an Aphrodisiac food that triggers and improves mood.


Chocolate has a good amount of magnesium, which helps reduce anxiety. One square or one Oz of chocolate contains 64.6 mg of magnesium. To add up it offers Flavanols an antioxidant that aids lower blood pressure and improves blood flow.


For billions of people, the day starts with a cup of joe. The natural stimulant in coffee can be found in chocolate too. It provokes a state of arousal and alerts the mind when it becomes tired.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is stuffed with an abundance of nutritious values, it will improve your health gradually.

Good for Heart

Since chocolate is rich in antioxidants it improves heart health, additionally, it reduces the risk of blood clots and lowers the risk of stroke. Eating dark chocolate could decrease the total cholesterol LDL also called bad cholesterol. Consuming 45g of dark chocolate per week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Protects the Skin

Chocolate contains bioactive components which improve your skin conditions. It helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots. Also, it gears up collagen content, detoxifies the skin, and prevents premature aging.

Improves the Brain Function

Chocolate could improve the function of the brain. High-flavanol in cocoa could improve the blood flow to the brain. Young adults can eat dark chocolate to improve attention and memory power. Cocoa contains a stimulant called Theobromine which prevents you from getting tired.

Despite diet restrictions,  people always find a way to devour it. To sum up, for most people, chocolate is nothing but a wonderfully wrapped bar of joy.

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