Why Do We Send Christmas Cards/Holiday Cards- 7 Reasons You Must Know

Ashley | 12 - 17 - 2020
Why Do We Send Christmas Cards/Holiday Cards- 7 Reasons You Must Know

Why Do We Send Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are greeting cards sent between people in order to convey Christmas wishes or messages. It is a part of the Christmas tradition that has been followed for hundreds of years. The Christmas cards were discovered in 1979 by Adam McLean, however, the first recorded Christmas cards were sent by Michael Maier to James 1 of England and his son Henry Frederick in 1611. But what do we send in Christmas cards? In this article, we will discuss the top 7 reasons why do we send Christmas cards.

Any adult knows that when there’s something other than bills in the mail it’s an exciting day. Let your card be that happy piece of mail. A handwritten address rather than a printed name on a bill-sized envelope will bring a smile to the recipient’s face before they’ve even torn it open.

1) Cards are a tangible way to express your feelings and love to your friends and family. In this generation of Whatsapp messages and Instagram statuses, a Christmas card with a simple and sweet message on it will light up their day. If you could write a Christmas quote instead of a printed one, it will leave a personal touch. 

When Were the First Recorded Christmas Cards Sent?
  • A. 1610
  • B. 1611
  • C. 1612
  • D. 1613

2) If you send your loved one a Christmas card every year instead of a digital message, the recipients will keep it as a token of love and secure it for years. Anything digital can be deleted easily but offering a physical card is something else. Along with your Christmas card, you can send a photocopy every year. It will look like a mini timeline where you can share your memories someday. 

3) It might not be possible to see your friends and family often, but during this Christmas season, you can show your love to them by sending across some Christmas cards. This way you can stay connected with them during Christmas. The letter can be short or long, but make sure to show them how much they mean to you. You can also mention your life updates and ask concerning questions to show you care. 

4) Writing a letter to someone will bring a smile to their face. No matter what someone is going through, if they receive a letter from their loved ones, it will definitely make them feel good. You will be the reason someone is happy. 

5) Holidays are definitely the best part of everyone’s lives. But only when you receive Christmas cards, the holiday season begins officially. Therefore, help your loved ones start their Christmas celebration by sending across some beautiful Christmas cards. It will help bring the holiday spirit right away. Write to them some special Christmas quotes in order to make their holiday cheerful. 

6) Sending Christmas cards to your loved ones helps express your gratitude. Christmas is always a great time of the year to extend your gratitude to your loved ones. Tell your loved ones, how much you love them, how their support has helped you, what they have done for you, and thank them for being there for you. A handwritten message can be a great moving gesture. 

7) Christmas cards are a great way to show your creativity. Handmade Christmas cards are always welcomed as you spend your precious time designing them just for your loved ones. In some cases, you might also send the details about the new small business you have just started. It is great for marketing purposes! 

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