10 Fun and Quirky Facts about the Chicago Bears History

Eliza | 08 - 14 - 2020
10 Fun and Quirky Facts about the Chicago Bears History

Interesting Facts about Chicago Bears 

  1. Augustus Eugene “Gene” Staley is the founder of the franchise that became the Chicago Bears in 1920. Chicago Bears were once called as Chicago Staleys later in 1922, George Halas, owner and head coach of the NFL team changed the team name from Staleys to Bears. 
  2. The Chicago Bears American football franchise played the first National Football League game, they were the first team to ever buy a player, as on November 27th, 1922 they paid $100 for Ed Healey from the Rock Island Independents.
  3. The Bears were the only team to play in the NFL history on an 80-yard field as the Chicago Stadium was not big enough to accommodate a full-sized field and the first team ever to document indoor football at the Chicago Coliseum.
  4. The Bears took the logo of Chicago Cardinals as they became defunct in 1947. In 1962 The Bears trademark “C’ logo got displayed for the first time on their helmets then It was redesigned in 1974. Play our NFL team logo quiz!
  5. The team is a charter member of the NFL as they have played in all of the league’s 100 seasons and played over 1,000 games in their history. In their 1,000th franchise game, they won, 6–0, against the Atlanta Falcons at Soldier Field.
  6. The Chicago Bears have captured nine league championships and one Super Bowl win. The franchise has also recorded more victories than any other franchise with 739 wins.
  7. The Bears are the second-oldest remaining franchise in existence today with over 24,000 field goal attempts in the NFL since 1994. Of those, roughly 2,600 have been initiated from longer than 50 yards.
  8. In 1952 on Thanksgiving day the Dallas Texans won for the first time in the short history by beating the Chicago Bears. It has been said that the team failed to improve on their scores.
  9. The National Football League, Chicago Bear’s most widely known nickname “The Monsters of the Midway” was borrowed from The University of Chicago Maroons in 1985.
  10.  With almost 100 years of history behind the Chicago Bears, the team is one of the most storied and studied professional football teams in existence. They were quoted as “Da Bears!” and it has become a common phrase.

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