10 Olympic Host Cities Quiz For You

Ashley | 05 - 27 - 2021

Baron Pierre de Coubertin designed the interlocking rings logo for the Olympics in 1912. Every city that hosts the Olympic games designs its own logo to recognize and memory for years to come.

These interesting logos wholly inspire this Olympic Host Cities Quiz, and all you have to do is match the Olympic host city to the logo correctly.

The summer and winter Olympics are held 2 years apart with a 4-year interval in order to include all the games and help athletes stay in shape. In this Olympic logos quiz, you have to identify the summer Olympics cities by the logo in the first 5 questions while the remaining 5 are winter Olympic cities.

This City Held the First Summer Olympics in 1896
  • A. Athens, Greece
  • B. Thessaloniki, Greece
  • C. Chania, Greece
  • D. Nafplio, Greece

Did you know that the Olympic host cities are decided based on the IOC membership, seven years in advance, and London is the only city to host the Olympics thrice? Learn more interesting facts about the host cities by naming these Olympic host cities from the logo. 

Are you ready to guess the Olympic Host cities with the logos?

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