12 Weird Laws in Maine That You Probably Don’t Know

Maithily A | 09 - 20 - 2023
12 Weird Laws in Maine That You Probably Don’t Know

Local laws are primarily created to protect the rights of a democratic society and are specific to individual counties, states, cities, townships, and municipalities. Maine is a northeastern state known for pristine forests, rocky coastline, and outdoor activities. You can enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, and camping while in Maine. However, you should be aware of the weird laws in Maine before planning a trip. 

Weird Laws in Maine

1. Advertising is Illegal in Cemeteries

Advertising on cemeteries is illegal in Maine

Municipalities, political subdivisions of the state, charitable societies, churches, or other religious institutions own cemeteries in Maine. A strange law in Maine prohibits the posting of signs, placards, and other advertising materials to prevent the defacement, disfigurement, and tampering of cemeteries.

What Is Illegal in Maine?
  • A. Stepping Out of a Plane
  • B. Bite Landlord
  • C. Selling Cars on Sunday
  • D. All of the Above

2. Gambling Ban at the Airport in Biddeford

Gambling ban at the airport ib Biddeford

Gambling is fun but do not engage in any form of gambling at Biddeford Airport because the law prohibits gambling and other forms of nuisance at the airport. 

3. Roller Skates and SkateBoards Banned on Sidewalks

crazy laws in Maine prevents roller skates on sidewalks

You must pay a fine of $10 if you recklessly use roller skates and skateboards on sidewalks. You are also prohibited from using roller skates in publicly owned parking lots and meeting houses. Don’t you think it’s one of the crazy laws in Maine? 

4. Strange Blue Law Prohibits Selling Cars on Sunday

Blue law prohibits selling cars

You cannot sell cars on Sundays unless they have onboard plumbing. Blue laws generally prohibit certain businesses and recreational activities on Sundays for religious reasons. This is one of the weird laws in Maine that makes it hard to sell cars on Sundays. Don’t be surprised to hear that 13 other states also follow this law. The strange laws in Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin also follow the same rule.

5. Strange Law Prohibits Display of Christmas Decorations 

Stange law in the US for Christmas decorations

According to residents, you will have to pay a fine for having Christmas decorations after January 14th. If you are in Maine to celebrate Christmas, make sure to clear up your decorations before January 14th because the bizarre laws in Maine prohibit it for unusual reasons. You should also read about the 100 weird laws in the USA that prohibit sending surprise pizza in Louisiana or even sitting on sidewalks in Nevada.

6. Don’t Leave Shoelaces Untied

Don’t leave shoelaces untied in Maine

Just like the weird laws in Oregon, Maine also prohibits one from walking down the street with untied shoelaces. This is one of the strange laws that is still present in the law books. 

7.Don’t Blow Your Nose in Public

Don’t blow your nose in public

It is better to stay indoors if you are sick with a cold and flu because you are not allowed to blow or pick your nose in public. The weird law in Maine punishes people who blow their noses in public, aiming to prevent the spread of disease.

8. It’s Offensive to Bite Your Landlord

funny laws in Maine 

This is one of the funny laws in Maine, as you wouldn’t typically bite your neighbors or landlords unless you are a zombie. Though it sounds funny, the law applies to both humans and pets in Rumford.

9. It’s Illegal to Park Your Car in Front of Dunkin’ Donuts

Illegal to Park your car in front of Dunkin’ Donuts

This law was enforced to prevent traffic jams in Maine because Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick is a popular and highly congested location.

10. Unlawful to Step Out of a Plane

Unlawful to step out of a plane

You shouldn’t step out of a plane during a flight. This law is enforced to maintain safe flying practices. But how can skydivers follow this rule?

11. Don’t Feed Deer in Wells

Don’t feed deers in Wells, Maine

We don’t want to label this as one of the weird laws in Maine because feeding deer can cause ecological damage, property damage, and an increased risk of disease transmission.

12. Avoid Selling Mercury Thermometers at the Airport

Maine bans the sale of mercury thermometers

After finding high levels of mercury in rain samples, Maine bans the sale of mercury thermometers, as a gram of mercury can contaminate a lake.

Which one do you think is the craziest law in Maine? Let us know what you think.

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