100 Weird Laws in the US That You May Not Know Existed

Elmira | 08 - 09 - 2023
weird laws in the US

Learning these weird laws in the US is important as you may unknowingly break the rules.

Lots of wacky laws have been written over the years, and they were all written for a purpose. Someone might have done something so ridiculous that people felt constrained to make it illegal. Want to know whether your state has any stupidest laws? Every US state is home to a bunch of crazy and bizarre laws that you may not know existed. Some of them may not make any sense today, but when they were written in the books, they had been strictly followed. Though they are weird, nonsensical, fun, and crazy, don’t break them. Learning these stupid laws in the US can save you from going to jail. 

100 Dumbest Laws in America That May Not Make Any Sense

Which Is the Weirdest Law Recently Passed in the US?
  • A. No intoxicated
  • B. skiing kill Bigfoot
  • C. No hunting on Sundays
  • D. All of the Above

Do you know these weirdest laws in each state? Hundreds of the most ridiculous, strange, and unusual laws still exist. We have clubbed the crazy laws in the US. Let’s get started.

  1. In Wyoming, no toxic skiing is allowed.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to share your Netflix password in Tennessee.
  3. It is punishable to kill bigfoot in Washington. This law was passed in 1969 and was amended when bigfoot was designated as an endangered species.
  4. In South Carolina, it is forbidden to seduce unmarried women. In 2016, it was repealed.
  5. According to Oregan law, it is prohibited to practice ‘occult arts.’ This includes astrology, fortune-telling, palmistry, mesmerism, clairvoyance, spiritualism, or other practices.
  6. It is illegal to honk the horn near a sandwich shop after 9 PM in Arkansas. If your horn is after 9 PM, you will disturb the peace in the sleepy state of Arkansas.
  7. Do not lose your beloved canaries. It is strictly forbidden to whistle for a lost canary before 7 AM in California.
  8. It is unlawful to keep your couch on the porch in Colorado. This law is still in effect to prevent any couch bonfires.
  9. Here comes the Connecticut farmers’ law, it is forbidden to sell pickles that are unfit for consumption. Farmers were arrested for selling pickles that were not healthy in 1948.
  10. In Florida, people must pay parking fees for animals.
  11. It is punishable to stay on the boat for over 30 days in Georgia.
  12. Alabama won’t encourage any car stunts! It is unlawful to drive blindfolded in the state.
  13. In Alaska, it is illegal to put your pet animal at the back of your open car.
  14. In Arizona, donkeys are not allowed to sleep in the bathtub.
  15. Underage culinary students are prohibited to consume alcohol in Illinois.
  16. People are not allowed to sell dog hair in Delaware.
  17. It is strictly prohibited to throw a brick on the highway in Iowa.
  18. In Louisiana, sending a surprise pizza is considered harassment. You may end up paying over a $500 fine.
  19. It is prohibited to put a coin in someone’s car in Hawaii.
  20. It is punishable to sweep trash into the street in Idaho.
  21. In Indiana, it is unlawful to ride a horse at more than 10 MPH speed.
  22. Kansas prohibited tire screeching as it is considered another disturbing thing.
  23. Marrying once is fine, but four times the same man? As per the Kentucky state law, women are not allowed to marry the same man four times.
  24. In Maine, you are not permitted to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.
  25. Sleeveless shirts are outlawed in public parks of Maryland.
  26.  It is punishable to predict fortunes without legal certification in Massachusetts.
  27. According to Wolverine State, if you sell your vehicle on Sundays in Michigan, be ready to pay the fine.
  28. As per Minnesota law, dirty tires are considered a public nuisance. Hence the law banned dirty tires.
  29. In Mississippi, restaurants cannot enforce nutrition labels on menus.
  30. Bear wrestling is outlawed in Missouri as it is considered an animal cruelty violations.
  31. It is unlawful to give rats as presents in Montana.
  32. According to Nebraska law, people with venereal disease are not forbidden to get married.  Many weird laws in Nebraska still exist and are followed.
  33. It is punishable to sit on sidewalks in Reno, Nevada.
  34. In New Hampshire, if you pick up seaweed off the beach then you are committing a crime.
  35. Wearing a bulletproof vest is prohibited in New Jersey.
  36. Idiots or insane persons are not allowed to vote in New Mexico.
  37. In New York City, people are not allowed to wear slippers after 10 AM. Several NY crazy laws that actually exist in New York.
  38. In North Carolina, it is unlawful to sell or drink alcoholic beverages in the room while playing bingo.
  39. In North Dakota,you are not allowed to shoot fireworks after 11 PM.
  40. You can’t decorate chickens to sell. It is not allowed to sell dyed chickens in Ohio.
  41. According to Oklahoma, it is illegal to tripping a horse due to animal cruelty.
  42. It is outlawed to go hunting on cemetery grounds in Oregon.
  43. Get your palms to read somewhere else. It is against the law to pay a psychic in Pennsylvania.
  44.  It is punishable to fall asleep in the cheese factory in South Dakota.
  45. In California, you are not authorized to install a mousetrap without a hunting legal license. People still follow these weird laws in California that don’t make sense.
  46. It is against the law to race a horse on the highway in Rhode Island.
  47. In South Carolina, minors under 18 years are not authorized to play a pinball machine.
  48. You are not permitted to sell human eyes in Texas.
  49. While boxing you are not allowed to bite in Utah.
  50. In Vermont, women are not allowed to wear fake teeth without getting permission from their husbands.
  51. Children who are more than 14 years old are prohibited to go trick-or-treating in Virginia.
  52. It is against the law to combine a vending machine with a utility pole in Washington.
  53. According to the West Virginia state law, people are prohibited from wearing hats in theatres.
  54. Nothing can replace butter in Wisconsin. It is punishable if someone uses butter substitutes without legal permission.
  55. In Wyoming, if any building costs $100,000 or more must show pricey art.
  56. It is unlawful to dispose of the used razor blades in Connecticut.
  57. In Nevada, you are allowed to ride a camel on the highway.
  58. As per Maine state law, people will be charged a fine for keeping Christmas decorations till January 14th.
  59. In Minnesota, it is against the law to sleep naked.
  60. It is punishable to grow thistle in one’s land.
  61. Animals in California are prohibited from mating publicly, particularly in places like schools, taverns, or places of worship.
  62. Children are forbidden to burp in church or else their parents can be arrested in Nebraska.
  63. As per Missippi state laws, it is unlawful to teach polygamy to others.
  64. In Florida, it is against the law if public buildings’ doors remain closed outwards. 
  65. In Ohio, more than five women can’t live under one roof.
  66. In New York, if you jump off from the building the punishment will be death.
  67. According to the Mississippi law, you cannot have more than one illegitimate child.
  68. It is punishable to attend a meeting in costume in North Carolina.
  69.  No hunting on Sundays! In Virginia, you can’t kill any animal on Sundays except raccoons.
  70. In Louisiana, it is against the law to steal crawfish.
  71. If you have landed in Rockville, Maryland, you are not allowed to swear in public places.
  72. It is forbidden to eat chicken with a knife or fork in Georgia.
  73. San Francisco, California doesn’t allow you to walk on the street if you are ugly. Ugly refers to disfiguring disabilities.
  74. In Hawaii, it is punishable if you put a coin in the ears.
  75. In Michigan, selling cars on Sundays is strictly prohibited.
  76. As per California law, if a frog dies in the frog jumping contest, it may not be eaten.
  77. In Delaware, R-rated movies are not allowed to show at drive-in theatres.
  78. In Idaho, it is against the law to give your sweetheart a chocolate box that is less than 50 pounds.
  79.  In Georgia, it is punishable to keep ice cream cones in pockets on Sunday. 
  80. According to Kansas law, if two trains meet on the same track, both can not be passed until another train passes.
  81. It is not permitted to own an explosive golf ball in Massachusetts.
  82. You are not allowed to drive with an uncaged bear in Missouri.
  83. In North Dakota, people are not allowed to fall asleep wearing shoes.
  84. Elephants should not be used in plow cotton fields in North Carolina.
  85. It is unlawful to get a fish drunk in Ohio.
  86. It is against the law if you do not drink milk in Utah.
  87. West Virginia doesn’t allow you to whistle underwater.
  88. In Wyoming, people are not prohibited from taking pictures of rabbits between January to April without a legal license.
  89. In Michigan, a woman needs to take permission from her husband before chopping her hair.
  90. Alabama banned stink bombs.
  91. Florida prohibited wearing masks and hoods in public places.
  92. It is unlawful to feed your pets(cats and dogs) for less than a day.
  93. According to Alaska state laws, a person who is already drunk may not be permitted to enter a bar and drink more.
  94. You will be charged if you spit on public places in Arizona.
  95. It is against the law if you failed to pronounce “Arkansas” correctly.
  96. As per Florida law, it is punishable to sell children.
  97. Billboards are banned to preserve the natural beauty of Hawaii.
  98. Illinois strictly prohibits ‘fancy’ bike riding of cycles on any street.
  99. In Kansas, throwing snowballs is strictly prohibited.
  100. According to Maine law, advertising on tombstones is prohibited.

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