5 Best Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Eliza | 02 - 16 - 2022

Best Ways to Increase Your Productivity:

Work life or personal life, every one of us wants to be productive. We might have taken several steps to increase our productivity in our day-to-day activities but failed miserably. If you’re one among them, this ‘easy way to increase your productivity’ blog is for you. Wait, but what is productivity and why is it so important? 

In simple words, productivity means doing more work in less time. If a person accomplishes all his work in a stipulated time or before the given deadline, he is called a productive worker. In today’s fast-paced world, one should be more productive to sustain in the competitive world. Also, many factors affect productivity. Here are a few- 

  • Lack of interest
  • Difficult or boring task
  • Work environment 
  • Pay 
  • Mental health or personal problems
  • Annoying or irritating co-workers

Whatever the reason, try to incorporate these simple steps to increase productivity: 

Can Micro Breaks Help in Increasing Productivity?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • Prepare a To-Do Llist

To-do lists are a simple way to increase your productivity. It helps save time, energy, and eliminates excuses. The best way to write a to-do list is by starting with easier tasks followed by harder-to-complete and high-priority tasks. Make sure to set time boundaries for each task. 

  • Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing your work or tasks reduces stress and helps increase productivity. Focus on the most important tasks first and then break your other tasks according to priority. Do not multitask, prioritize one task at a time. 

  • Take a Break and Chill 

Taking short breaks refreshes your mind, which automatically allows you to focus more on your work. Even a short break creates a big impact on your productivity.

  • Limit Distractions

Several research studies have shown that distraction is the main cause of productivity loss. For nearly 80% of people, mobile phones are the most common cause of distraction. Put your phone in do not disturb mode or turn off your notifications. It is a simple but effective way to limit your mobile addiction. Practicing yoga and doing exercise can help to limit distractions. 

  • Improve yourself

It doesn’t mean you are lazy if you are not productive. Achieving productivity is easy, but it doesn’t mean you can achieve it quickly. First of all, do not doubt yourself or feel insecure. Start with basic steps, and celebrate even small successes. Above all, do what makes you happy. 

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