5 Space Tourism Companies that Are Making Space Vacations a Reality

Julia | 09 - 30 - 2023
5 Space Tourism Companies

Space tourism is another specialized area of the aviation sector that aims for visitors to take on the role of astronauts and enjoy space travel. It consists of various space-related activities such as witnessing rocket launches, visiting museums, and participating in extra-terrestrial sports. The space tourism industry is gaining in popularity these days because people are curious to know about the exciting notion of space travel. It provides them with the unique experience of space exploration and leaving Earth’s atmosphere. You can plan your space vacations with several US space tourism companies. Want to learn more? 

US Space Tourism Companies 

Are you bored with regular vacations? If yes, let’s try something new and interesting. There are a lot of space travel companies that offer you the chance to view the wonders of space with amazing life-changing experiences. Here are some of the notable US space tourism companies you must know. 

1. Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic

This American spaceflight company headed by Richard Branson offers a modified spaceplane flight for everyone. VSS Unity is its spaceplane that travels 110 km above the Earth’s surface. Once you ascend the space, you will separate from the mother plane and the rocket upto the edge of space. Galactic 04, the company’s fifth spaceflight window will open this year on October 5, 2023. The seats for this space tourism cost around $450000 per person. 

2. Blue Origin

Blue Origin

Blue Origin, one of the commercial space travel companies, found by Jeff Bezos in 2000, offers space tourism launches and services. New Shepherd is their launch system that transports people into suborbital space. It can carry up to six persons on a flight and cross the karman line often considered as the edge of space. Blue Origin spacecraft typically charges a space travel cost of around $200000 to $300000 per person. 

Who owns Virgin Galactic?
  • A. Robert Bigelow
  • B. Elon Musk
  • C. Jeff Bezos
  • D. Richard Branson

3. SpaceX


Elon Musk established this American space tourism company in 2002. It opens the door to advanced space technology and interplanetary travel. SpaceX was the first private company to send a spacecraft to an international space station. The cost of this space travel will be around $55 million per seat. 

4. Space Adventures

Space Adventures

This commercial spaceflight provides spatial tourism with spacewalk training activities. Space Adventures offers various programs such as zero gravity flights, circumlunar missions around the Moon, and orbital spaceflight missions to international space stations. The price may vary depending on the launch specifics and your duration of stay. 

5. Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace

Another American aeronautics and outer space technology company comes under the category of space hotels. Owner Robert Bigelow built the expandable space station modules in 1999. Moreover, they have successfully launched two subscale spacecraft called Genesis I and II into orbit. This space travel company charges $52 million per person. 

In addition to these, other US space tourism companies include Axiom Space, Orion Span, Boeing, and World View Enterprises. Plan your next space trip with any of these companies and have an adventurous experience.

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