American Football Scoring System, Simplified

Ashley | 05 - 30 - 2021
Football Scoring System

Here is everything you need to know about the American football scoring system popularly known as the NFL scoring system:

Football Touchdown Points

The football scoring system allots six points to the team that has scored a touchdown AKA the ultimate goal in American football. 

The American football scoring system also considers an inbound catch or loose ball goal as a touchdown during a kick-off, punt, or fumble and awards the said team with 6 points after the touchdown.    

How Many Points Is a Touchdown?
  • A. 7 Points
  • B. 6 Points
  • C. 3 Points
  • D. 2 Points

How to Score Points in Football?

Here is a brief list of ways on how to score points in football apart from a touchdown:

How to Get Extra Points in Football?

Teams above a high school level of football can always attempt to gain extra points by trying to kick the ball above the crossbar between the upright goalposts after snapping the ball away from their opponent teammate at a 2-yard distance.

A field goal or safety will get a point while a touchdown can land you with two extra points on your scoreboard.

How Do You Get Two Points in Football?

If you are confident enough, go for a conversion where the offense tries to advance the ball across the goal line similar to a touchdown from a 2-yard distance, 3 in the case of high school football. 

Apart from the point conversion, safeties will also help you secure two points. Safeties are offered when:

  • The ball reaches the end zone of the opponent without possession
  • A penalty ball 
  • The ball goes out of reach of the kicking team’s end zone after a blocked punt
  • Illegal kicks that force the ball out of the end zone
  • Kicking or forcing a muffed ball to touch the end zone

How to Get 3 Points in Football?

3 Points in football is one of the best ways to score if scoring a touchdown becomes difficult. The American football scoring system allots 3 points for every field goal scored. The consolation prize point can be secured by an opponent who stalls at a 30 line yard. 

Are you ready to score a touchdown on the quiz? 

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