What Are the Most Popular Board Games?

Eliza | 07 - 09 - 2020
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Classic board games help you to spend quality time and bond with your family and friends it also increases your brain function and develops a higher level of cognitive skills. Let’s see some of the top-selling board games.

Here Are Few Most Popular Board Games of All Time


Chess is a classic board game for two players competing on each other it at the top of all other board games.

It has been believed that chess is based on Chaturanga an ancient Indian board game that was played during the early 6th century AD. Though the exact rules of Chaturanga are unknown, specialists believe Chess has similar rules. Chaturanga made its way to Persia then Europe then spread all around the world.

1. What Was the First Board Game Ever Invented?
  • A. Senet
  • B. Chess
  • C. Monopoly
  • D. Scramble

To play Chess one must possess a lot of concentration and intelligence. Playing Chess will make you use both sides of your brain and as a result you’ll gain a lot mental skills like in memory power, creativity, problem-solving skills, reading skills and it’ll also boost your IQ.

But chess can also kill people. It has been proved in a study that the level of stress caused during a chess tournament can cause cardiac arrests and people could die. It could also affect your mental health encouraging habits like intense anger, alcoholism and anti-semitism.


Scrabble is a top-selling board game and tile game played between two to four players in which players spell out letters to form words in English language. It is more like a crossword puzzle created by an American architect in 1938.

It is a simple and fun word game that was mostly played in families mostly to improve children’s vocabulary and mathematical skills and build bonds.

It is very easy to learn but to be a professional at it takes years and a lot of practice. It aids to lower the risk of mental illness and blood pressure.  It is a stress-free game that helps to increase immunity and in gaining knowledge and comprehension.


Monopoly is the best classic family old board game in which players move around the board by rolling dice to develop in trading, building houses and hotels and collect rents it even sends you to jail. In the end the richest person wins.

A monopoly was not at all created to be fun. It is derived from a game called Landlord’s Game which was created to promote the economic theories of Henry George by Elizabeth Magie in the US in 1903. The game is named after the economic concept of Monopoly which is when a single individual dominates the whole market.

Playing Monopoly helps you gain knowledge about financial matters and teaches you the importance of money management and investment choices.

Board games could be your therapist if you are going through some mental problems as it reduces stress and keeps you socialized. It even teaches you things you wouldn’t learn at school.


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