Epic Meltdowns in Sports History – Part 2

Emma | 01 - 28 - 2022
Epic Meltdowns in Sports History

Emotions, frustrations, winning, and losing are all part of sports. A successful sportsperson needs a lot of patience and passion. A player’s passion and discipline are reflected on the field. But many players lose their cool during their match. Sports are not only physically challenging but also mentally. You might have seen athletics’ emotions during the performance, but have you ever heard about coaches melting down in the sports? Here are a few epic meltdowns in sports history. 

Epic Meltdowns in Sports History

  • John Macroe 

John Macroe is popularly known for his anger issues and he was also nicknamed as “super brat.” One of his spectacular sports meltdowns was even made as a document. During 1981 Wimbledon, John Macroe shouted at umpire Edward while disputing a line call. John screamed “You can’t be serious, the ball was online.” He also called Edward James “the absolute pit of the world.” Macroe was fined €1,500 for his action. 

  • Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield

In 1997, in a match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in a Las Vegas boxing ring. Evander Holyfield was dominating the early rounds and Mike Tyson was not happy about it. He lost his temper and bit a chunk of Mike Tyson’s ear. Tyson lost his boxing license for biting Evander’s ear. However, he got his license back after 15 months as he requested Nevada athletic commission that he needs to box to make a living. This is one of the biggest meltdowns in sports history. 

Who Did Tyson Fight in 1997?
  • A. Evander Holyfield
  • B. Mike Tyson
  • C. John Mcenroe
  • D. None of the Players
  • Pacers-piston brawl 

Next comes the greatest meltdown in sports history. Pacers- piston brawl also known as Malice at the palace occurred during an NBA game on November 19, 2004. When just 45 seconds left to finish the game, Ben Wallace and Ron Artest started pushing and fighting between each other which led to fights between fans and players. After this fight, the NBA suspended nine players for 146 games. The players lost around $11 million in salaries. 


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