Every Superfan Should Know These Breaking Bad Facts

Elmira | 02 - 03 - 2021
Breaking Bad

No matter how many times you watched your favorite scenes from Break Bad you will be surprised to know these mind-blowing Breaking Bad facts. 

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Interesting Breaking Bad Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is a fabulous series that remains to be popular with fans of all ages. Read on to learn some Breaking Bad fun facts.

How Many Episodes Are There in the Show Breaking Bad?
  • A. 62
  • B. 63
  • C. 60
  • D. 50

Breaking Bad Was Originally Supposed to Be Filmed in California.

Due to financial reasons, it was filmed in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

The show’s creator Vince Gilligan said in an interview with Slant Magazine, the show was planned to be filmed in Riverside, California.

The Whites’ House Is an Actual Family Home

The White House is a real family home of a woman that is called Fran since 1973. The house becomes a famous tourist attraction and many fans happen to visit the home every month.

The Show Followed a Real Scientist for Advice

Through the first season, Chemistry Professor Dr. Donna Nelson, from the University of Oklahoma started assisting on the process. She was helping with the show’s science. In an interview of 2013, Nelson described that “There’s always going to be some creative license taken, because they want to make the show interesting. But, this isn’t a science education show. It’s a fantasy.”

The Science Is Based on Fact, but Not 100% Accurate

Walt and Jesse used a chemical process to cook methamphetamine that is incorrect. Why because film producers didn’t want to encourage people to imitate the same formula to produce drugs.

Walt Throwing a Pizza onto the Roof Was Filmed in One Take

The scene featuring throwing pizza was shot in a single take. Gilligan named Cranston’s fluke a “one-in-a-million shot.” 

For the Role of Walter White, Bryan Cranston Was Not the First Choice

At the beginning of the show, Walter White’s role was originally offered to two actors including Matthew Broderick and John Cusack. Both actors were not impressed by the role. Hence Gilligan had urged for casting Bryan Cranston because he was well aware of his earlier performance on “The X-Files.” “We needed somebody who could be dramatic and scary yet have an underlying humanity so when he dies, you feel sorry for him,” Gilligan stated about the “X-Files” role. “Bryan nailed it.”

Biggest Networks like HBO, Showtime, and FX Passed on the Show

Did you know the biggest networks like HBO, Showtime and even FX passed the show before it was taken over by AMC? Later, the show turned out to be an Emmy award winning series. In 2011, Gilligan mentioned his pitch and had the worst meeting with HBO,

“The woman we’re pitching to could not have been less interested — not even in my story, but about whether I actually lived or died,” he stated. “My agents could never even get her on the phone afterward to even say no.”

Jesse Pinkman Supposed to Be Killed in the First Season

Jesse was originally set to be killed off on the 9th episode of the first season. But he lived in the entire series. “The writers’ strike, in a sense, didn’t save him,” he stated on a panel in 2011. But all the directors knew Paul was a renowned actor to work with so they decided it “would be a huge, colossal mistake to kill off Jesse.”

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