How Much Do The White House Employees Make per Year?

Leia Smith | 12 - 01 - 2020
White House Employees

Salary of the White House Staff

Before stepping on to discuss the salary of the White House staff, here are a few facts about the most powerful building in the world. The White House in Washington D.C is where the President of the United States of America resides. It is the Executive Office of the President and was built in 1792. Though the construction of the building began during the time of George Washington, John Adams was the first President to have lived there. Apart from the US President, the First Lady, and their family, there are several staff who work at the White House.

The White House Staff Salaries 2020

Currently, there are 377 employees with Mark Meadows being the Chief of Staff. He’s also the head of the executive office of Trump.

Ever wondered how much the President of the US makes per year? The President’s salary is $400,000 per annum and he receives a pension of $219,200 once he leaves office. It is the same pay that the Executive Level I of the White House receives. The First Lady plays an important role in the national affairs but does not get paid by the government.

What Is the White House Otherwise Known As?
  • A. Executive House of the President
  • B. Executive House of the Governor
  • C. Executive Office of the Governor
  • D. Executive Office of the President

The government issues a salary report every year with the names of the employees, their designations, and their annual pay. The salary report for this year was released in the month of July. According to it, employees who work directly for the President in designations like Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Assistant to the President for Economy Policy, etc are the highest-paid staff in the White House with around $179,000. The average pay of a stenographer at the White House is $58,000. Christopher Liddell, who works as the Assistant to the President and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Coordination is the lowest-paid staff member with $30,000 per annum.

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