Play Our Easter Candy Trivia!

Emma | 16 - 03 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

These Candies Are Perfect for Filling Easter Baskets. It Is Famous in 28 US States and Consists of People’s Favorite Combination of Peanut Butter and Milk

Questions 2 - 10

You Have to Crack Open This Egg Shaped Unique Easter Candy to Enjoy Its Fillings. Guess the Easter Candy

Questions 3 - 10

This Is a Colorful, Chewy Candy and It Is Mixed with Colored Easter Eggs to Reduce the Number of Real Eggs

Questions 4 - 10

This Cute Candy Is Associated with the Symbol of New Life.

Questions 5 - 10

This Pastel-Colored candy is used to Fill Your Easter Baskets and Tummy. Guess the Easter candy name

Questions 6 - 10

You Can Use This Candy for the Easter Egg Hunt

Questions 7 - 10

This Candy Is Primarily Used to Decorate Your Easter Baskets. It Is Produced by the Candy Company Named Newborn

Questions 8 - 10

This Candy Is Made in White and Orange Fondant to Represent Real Eggs

Questions 9 - 10

This Is an Egg-Shaped Candy Which Fits Easily inside Plastic Eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt

Questions 10 - 10

This Candy Is Made up of Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut and It Is a Perfect Treat for You and Your Chocolate Easter Bunny