Take the Ultimate Turkish Desserts Quiz Online

Elmira | 14 - 10 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

This Traditional Dessert Contains Thin Pastry Sheets That Are Brushed with Butter and Filled with Walnuts, Ground Pistachios, or Heavy Cream.

Questions 2 - 10

Can You Guess This Sweet Cheese Kadaif Pastry?

Questions 3 - 10

This Yummy Turkish Dessert Is Made with a Special Kind of Dehydrated Bread Soaked in Sugar Syrup.

Questions 4 - 10

This Deep-Fried, Crisp-Shelled Dessert Is Soaked in Lemon-Flavored Syrup. It Was Found in the Cuisines of the Ancient Ottoman Empire.

Questions 5 - 10

This Dessert, Also Called Noah’s Pudding, Is Considered One of the Oldest Desserts in the World.

Questions 6 - 10

Can You Guess This Simple Milk Pudding?

Questions 7 - 10

This Dessert Has Its Roots in a Medieval French Dessert Known as Blancmange. Can You Identify the Dessert?

Questions 8 - 10

This Sugar-Packed Dessert Is Deep-Fried and Then Soaked in Syrup or Honey.

Questions 9 - 10

It’s a Sugar Cube, Flavored with Lemon, Rose Water, Bergamot Orange, and More.

Questions 10 - 10

Can You Guess This Turkish Ice Cream?