Some of the Secret Places in the World with Hidden Treasures

Elmira | 08 - 13 - 2021
Some-of-the-mystery-places-in the-world-with-hidden-treasures

Traveling to new countries is great fun. But you will be disappointed to learn that there are some secret places in the world where you can never reach or are not allowed to visit. Some of the places are home to residents and some of the places are dangerous or illegal to visit. Let’s find these mysterious places with hidden treasures of the world.

Secret Places in the World

Scroll down to find these secret places that you can see only on maps.

What Is the Most Mysterious Place In the World?
  • A. Pyramids of Giza
  • B. Svalbard Global Seed Vault
  • C. Eiffel Tower
  • D. The Acropolis

Robins Island, United States Of America

The 435-acre island is located in Peconic Bay by the Long Island coast of New Suffolk, New York. Robins Island is privately owned and not accessible to the public. The owner wants to rebuild the island by planting oak trees. Robins Island is home to the healthiest population of turtles in New York. Mr. Bacon wants to protect nature and doesn’t want it to be damaged by commercialization.

Royal Air Force Menwith Hill, England

It is a military base located in North Yorkshire, England. It is recognized as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. This place is not open to the public.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Which is the largest hidden area? This place may look like in the famous Hollywood movie,2012, that focused on mankind surviving the end of the world and the people boarded on several ships to survive the destruction. If you are looking for a place on Earth to survive the apocalypse, Svalbard Global Seed Vault should come to your mind. It is located in the North Sea, on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, where over 250 million crop seeds have been stored by gene banks that belong to different parts of the world. To simply put, it is a place where you can find various samples of important botanical species in the world. Visitors are not permitted to enter unless they are designated, scientists or plant breeders.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

The Vatican Secret Archives is considered one of the hidden treasures of the world. It is the most secret library in the world, consisting of personal documents of Popes in the 18th century. This place is not open to the public; only scholars, once they are 75 years old, can access the library.

Snake Island

It is located at a distance of around 90 miles from Sao Paulo in Brazil. The famously known Snake Island has been made prohibited by the Brazilian navy because of the presence of about 4000 snakes on the island. The island also has a golden lancehead that is known as the most venomous viper in the world.

U.N. Buffer Zone, Cyprus – Separating Two Countries At War 

The U.N. Buffer Zone is known as the line that divides Greece from Turkey. It has been established in the place since 1974. Its length is 180 kilometers. It is strictly off-limits to people. People can see a part of the zone from Ledra street.

Metro 2, Russia

 Metro 2 is actually a mysterious underground metro station. It is said that Metro 2 was erected by Stalin during the Cold War to connect the most precious government buildings in Moscow that include the Federal Security Service, the Kremlin, and the airport. 

Area 51

Area 51 is a restricted and secret military base of the United States. It is located at a distance of 83 miles north of Nevada. It is referred to by many names including Paradise Ranch, Homey Airport, Groom Lake, Dreamland, Home Base, and Watertown.

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