8 Famous Tennis player metldown You Must Know

Ashley | 01 - 21 - 2022
Tennis Tantrums

We have compiled the best tennis tantrums you must know in 2022. Read the curated list before you set in to play a quiz on the worst temper tantrums in tennis history. Learn more about the biggest Tennis player meltdown.

Top 8 Favorites Tennis Player Meltdown

Are you ready to read a lineup of the most famous tennis tantrums in history? Find out whether your favorite player has made it on the list or not. 

Viktor Unleashed

Who Is the Angry Tennis Player?
  • A. John McEnroe
  • B. Jimmy Connors
  • C. Serena Williams
  • D. Viktor Troicki

The Serbian tennis player, Viktor Troicki unleashed his temper tantrum in 2016 when he called the game’s umpire “Worst umpire ever in the world” mid-game. He rained down on the umpire soon after he lost the match.

Destroyed In Seconds

David Nalbandian was disqualified from the Queen’s Club Tennis final after he destroyed an advertisement board that consequently injured the chair umpire sitting behind. 

Repeated Offender

Serena Williams is a force to reckon on the field but she is also notoriously famous for her ridiculous tantrums in tennis. The player is known to threaten the umpire, destroy rackets, and leash out on her coaches. She has been fined and disqualified several times too. 

Winners Get Angry Too 

If you think being Novak Djovick is a bed of roses then you are very wrong. The legendary player went to the extent of tearing his own t-shirt and smashed his racket during the 2016 Shanghai Masters. 

Angry Tennis Tantrums

John McEnroe is a champ when it comes to showing off his temper tantrums too. The two of his most famous comebacks are “Jerk” and “You cannot be serious”. The player is nicknamed the angriest tennis player too. Get on youtube to find his most popular temper tantrums. But even McEnroe called Nick Kyrgios the worst of all. 

Let’s Beef It Up

Jimmy Connors is quipped as the tennis bully (Also has lost the most tennis matches). McEnroe stood his ground against him during a beef. Conners hollered “The boxing gloves are going to start coming out, I’m afraid,” at the 1982 Michelob Light Challenge and little Enroe waved him off. Do you know that Connors invented the ‘Tennis Grunt’?

Ball Girls are Not Alone

There are several videos on the internet where the ball girl or ball boy gets hit. Tim Henman, the Great British Hope was disqualified from the 1995 Wimbledon for one such event. He hit the ball girl who was crossing the net after a point. 

Match Pressure Ahead

Daria Gavrilova is one of the craziest tantrums in tennis. The 27-year-old player smashed a racket after she lost to Maria Sharapova when she was 24 years old. The Australian immigrant opposed Sharapova after a late finish in the previous match. She handed a straight point and a double fault before losing her temper. Dasha also has a history of throwing her rackets. 


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