US Medal Winners and Its History in the Olympics

Ashley | 08 - 08 - 2021

Do you know that the US has won the most number of medals in the Olympic games so far? Yes, it has 2927 medals while the UK with the second-most wins doesn’t even have half of it. Find out the US medal winners in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and more about the history of undisputed victories. 

The United States at the Olympics

Though the Olympics have been boycotted 6 times by different countries around the world. The U.S had led and participated in only one boycott so far. The 1980 Olympics was boycotted as a protest against the Soviets invading Afghanistan. Following the U.S., countries like Canada, Israel, China, West Germany, and many other Islamic nations boycotted the games. 

United States Olympics History

The US is the master of the summer Olympics, especially in swimming. Out of the 2927 medals won so far, 1161 are gold, 939 silvers, and 825 bronzes. The US has won 16 Summer Olympics out of the 28 held in 23 cities and is second only to Norway in the Winter Olympics. (A difference that can be surpassed easily) 

How Many Wins Does the US Have In the Olympics 2021?
  • A. 102
  • B. 84
  • C. 73
  • D. 56

US Medal Winners 

The US has secured 102 medals in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics out of which 34 are gold, 36 silvers, and 32 bronze medals. You can find about the 3 debutant Americans who have also secured a win here and badminton is the only sport in which the US hasn’t won a medal yet. 

  • Micheal Phelps has secured the most medals in the Olympics for swimming.
  • Allyson Felix has secured the most for track athletes under the female category. 
  • Katie Ledecky has won gold six times in a row now.
  • Carissa Morre became the first and youngest American woman to win a gold medal in surfing.

US Olympic History of Losses

  • The Us has lost 11 Olympic games so far. 
  • It lost the streak of 25 continuous wins in basketball after losing to France in 2021.
  • The US also did not get any wins in the men sprinters categories for the first time in 2021.

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