New Mexico Trivia

Where Did the World’s First Atomic Bomb Explode?
The United States dropped its first atomic bomb On August 6, 1945. Discover more information about the First nuclear bomb test.
Know All about Capulin Volcano
Capulin volcano is one of the outstanding landmarks located in the northeast corner of New Mexico. Check it out!
Facts about Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument is a place that allows you to be in four states at the same time. Take the quiz to learn more.
Facts about BMX Bike Racing in Duke City
Does your heart beat faster when you hear the word racing? Then, this blog is just for you- check it out!
Top 12 Strangest Laws in New Mexico
Crazy laws do exist in New Mexico! You may not know there are some weird Mexican laws. Read the blog to uncover.
Most Heavily Fortified International Border on Earth
Let’s know about some of the countries which possess heavy nuclear weapons. You won’t believe the crime rate in those countries.
Which Nation Produces Two Thirds of the World’s Vanilla?
We enjoy the vanilla flavor in chocolates and beverages. You will be amazed that Madagascar produces tons of vanilla in one year.
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