History of vending machines

Elmira | 05 - 25 - 2021
History of Vending Machine

Nowadays vending machines are trending and can dispense almost any item. Does anyone know the History of Vending Machines? The first vending machine dispensed Tutti – Frutti gum in the US. Thomas Adams Gum Company invented vending machines to sell gum at New York train platforms in 1888.

Why Was the Vending Machine Invented?

We all know vending machines are automated machines that distribute products such as beverages, cigarettes, snacks, and lottery tickets to buyers. Consumers can purchase items from the machine by inserting cash or credit card or specially designed cards. England gets credit for making the first modern vending machine in the early 1880s to dispense postcards. At present, vending machines have been used across the world. But there are differences between modern and traditional vending machines.

History of Vending Machines

The earliest form of the vending machine was made by Hero of Alexandria who was an engineer and mathematician in 1st century Roman Egypt. This machine took coins and dispensed holy water in Egyptian temples. When the coin was inserted, it went to the pan which was attached to a lever. The lever opened a passage to dispense water.

What Item Did the First Vending Machines in the United States Dispense?
  • A. Snacks
  • B. Ice Cream
  • C. Gum
  • D. Chocolate

In early 1615, coin-operated machines began to dispense tobacco in the taverns of England. These vending machines were portable and crafted with brass. A newspaper dispensing machine was created by a bookseller Richard Charlie.

In 1867, Simon Denham was rewarded for creating a stamp dispensing machine. It was the first completely automatic machine.

The first vending machine in the US was introduced by Thomas Adams Gum Co. These gumball dispensing machines were invented in 1907.

The soda vending machines were introduced in 1926. They were recognized, as the most popular dispensers in the United States. These machines dispensed beverages into cups.

Among all new vending machines in the US market, cigarette vending machines were most successful. William Lowe was awarded for designing the first-ever cigarette vending machine in the United States.

The Vendorlator Manufacturing Company switched from soda dispensers to coffee vending machines in the 1940s to help coffee vendors sell products more comfortably.

Following, the same company introduced the first sandwich dispensing machines.

From the year 1950 to the 1970s, in American airports, insurance dispensing machines were introduced. But these machines couldn’t survive more than two decades.

In 1972, the Polyvend Company wanted to sell snacks uniquely. So they created the first-ever snack vending machines. They made these machines to attract consumers and target their cravings.

In 2006, vending machine technology took a huge jump in the United States. They invented the vending machine which could accept credit cards.

Hence, vending machines can dispense everything that you can purchase from the grocery store.

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