Why Real Wasabi is Expensive?

Julia | 12 - 31 - 2023

When visiting a Japanese restaurant, have you ever wondered what real wasabi is? If you are a fan of Japanese food, you might have seen a pale green paste that is paired with slices of sashimi or sushi. The green paste is spicy in a specific way. However, 95% of wasabi served in restaurants is made from a blend of green food colorant, mustard flour, horseradish, and cornstarch. Most people think they know the real wasabi but have not tasted the exact stuff. Let’s look at the benefits and origins of true wasabi. 

What is Wasabi made of  


Wasabi is a green plant in the brassica family that contains other types such as radishes, mustard plants, and horseradishes. This is made from the rhizome, the underground stem part of the plant. This stem part is grated to get the exact wasabi paste. That’s why, it has the best taste once it is fresh.  

What is wasabi?
  • A. Member of the plant family Cactaceae
  • B. Flowering plants in the mint family
  • C. Green plant in the Brassica family
  • D. Flowering plant of the genus Rosa

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Benefits of Wasabi


Wasabi mostly grows in parts of Korea, China, North America, and New Zealand. Here are some genuine wasabi benefits you must know. 

Boosts the Immune System 

Wasabi contains high amounts of Vitamin C and other compounds that help fight off infections. You can follow a wasabi-inclusive diet with proper exercise and sleep. It is beneficial for boosting your immune power and overall healthy style. 

Supports Heart Health 

Another unique property of real wasabi is to promote your heart health. Adding wasabi to your diet allows you to improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol. 

Reduce Cancer Risk 

The consumption of wasabi may hinder the growth of certain cancer skills especially for breast and colon cancer. It is because of the isothiocyanate compounds in wasabi that may have anticancer properties. 

Aids in Lose Weight
Adding a little bit of wasabi into your diet aids in fat loss. Because of its thermogenic effects, wasabi improves metabolism and your body burns more calories. Also, it can reduce your food cravings and appetite because of its strong spicy flavor. It is the best component in your weight loss journey. 

Real Wasabi vs. Imitations


Wasabi is widely available in most Japanese food restaurants. Most individuals who eat it outside of Japan have probably tasted the fake one. Wasabi plants are native to Japan, so trying a real one outside can be difficult. 

Real wasabi is not very spicy and it offers the delicate taste of fish. On the other hand, fake wasabi has a strong taste and delivers a strong blast of spiciness. You can get fake wasabi everywhere, especially in stores, restaurants, and online. 

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Why is Real Wasabi so Expensive? 


It is one of the most expensive crops in the world because it only grows in specific environments. That’s why most people outside Japan have never tasted the real one. 

Wasabi plants require specific conditions and are difficult to grow, hence it’s quite expensive. 

In Japan, most of these plants grow naturally in mountain river valley areas. The cultivation of wasabi plants on a commercial level is the toughest task. Shimane prefecture, Nagano prefecture, and Shimane prefecture are best known for the production of wasabi in Japan. 

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If you are wondering what wasabi is, now you have an idea about the health properties of authentic wasabi. Have a try on wasabi and experience the delicate taste. 

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