World Teachers’ Day Celebration Across the World

Elmira | 10 - 04 - 2021
World Teachers' Day

World Teachers’ Day is around the corner. Globally, World Teacher’s Day is commemorated on October 5, honoring the efforts and contributions of teachers. It was designated by the signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation regarding the Status of Teachers in 1966. Many countries observe “International Teachers Day” on October 5. But in the United States, it is observed on the first Tuesday of May. In China, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 10. If you are curious to learn more about the Teacher’s Day celebration in different countries, you have landed at the right place.

World Teachers’ Day 2021 Theme

“Teachers at the heart of education recovery” was selected as the theme of World Teachers’ Day 2021. The United Nations (UNESCO) implemented the theme for teacher’s day to acknowledge teachers’ determination and diligent efforts even in the critical situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. World Teacher’s Day is not a public holiday but a global observance. 

What Is the Theme of World Teachers' Day 2021?
  • A. Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery
  • B. Teachers are Gods
  • C. Teachers are Influencers
  • D. All of the Above

Why Is World Teachers’ Day Celebrated on October 5? 

The Special Intergovernmental Conference held a meeting on the Status of Teachers in Paris on October 5th, 1966. This conference took place to check issues that affected teachers and their professions. A record on Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers was signed by the UNESCO and International Labour Organisation (ILO). It helps to increase the quality of education. Since 1994, UNESCO has committed to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

Teachers’ Day Celebration Across the World

Teacher’s Day celebrations include organizing various activities to honor and entertain the teachers. Activities include rewarding teachers worldwide, sharing their accomplishments, and ensuring their voices are heard. During Teacher’s Day, students perform various activities at colleges and schools. This includes dancing, entertaining teachers, reciting poems, and mimicry of their teachers. Students give gifts to teachers and handwritten cards. Teachers are also respected with awards for their efforts and contributions.

United States 

The United States of America observed Teachers’ Day on March 7, now it is moved to the first Tuesday of May since 1985.


China celebrates the contribution of teachers on September 10, established on January 21, 1985. The country celebrates Teacher’s Day to increase the prestige of the teachers.

Latin American Countries   

In the Latin American countries of Colombia and Mexico, it is observed on May 15.

Countries that Observe Teachers’ Day on October 5 

Republic of Moldova, Russia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Romania, Maldives, Mauritius, Qatar, Philippines, Pakistan, Kuwait, Macedonia, and Serbia.

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