7 Incredible Black Friday Shopping Facts That You Must Be Known

Iris | 11 - 25 - 2020
black friday shopping

There is a Black Friday in Brazil but Brazilians do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Read on to check out more Black Friday fun facts that you have never heard about. There are also some surprising Black Friday shopping facts that you must know before stepping out for shopping. Also, don’t forget to play Black Friday Trivia questions which may help you on your Black Friday shopping day.

7 surprising Black Friday shopping facts

1) Since 2005, In the United States, Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days when compared to other days in that year. Even the plumbers will be too busy on Black Friday shopping day and for them, it is a Brown Friday.

2) Until 2011, the retailers used to open the shops in the early morning around 5 am or 6 am for Black Friday. As the Black Friday shoppers were so eager, this tradition changed by opening the shops at midnight itself. 

When Was Black Friday Invented?
  • A. 1868
  • B. 1869
  • C. 1870
  • D. 1871

3) In 2008, one of the employees of Walmart died after the crowd rushed through the door. Not only the employee, but many were also injured including a pregnant woman. It was one of the first tragedies that occurred on Black Friday.

4) Black Friday is also celebrated in many other countries in the world like the UK, France, Brazil, India, Norway, and many more. Many countries started the Black Friday deals in order to stop their customers from moving to states for shopping.

5) Since the Black Friday shopping day has become so famous many people started to camp in front of the shops to bag the deals. Which made some cities banned people from sleeping outside the shops prior to opening hours.

6) States like Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in the United States refused to open the doors of their stores during the holiday that is on Thanksgiving day. It is also known as the Gray Thursday.

7) In 2011, Walmart smashed the tradition of Black Friday by opening the store on the evening of Thursday that is on Thanksgiving Day. Nearly 33% of Americans get ready to engage in shopping as soon as they finish their Thanksgiving feast.

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