5 Reasons to Love Basketball

Julia | 02 - 18 - 2020
5 Reasons to Love Basketball

There are many reasons why people love to play basketball. It is a great team sport and said to have been invented by Naismith in December 1891 and interestingly an actual basket was used for the game. Some argue that a sports athlete Lambert Will who worked part-time at Herkimer, Y.M.C.A is the original inventor. Whatever the fact may be, this wonderful sport will be celebrated for a long time among sports enthusiasts, basketball players, and fans. 

Health Benefits

Basketball is a fast-paced sport.  It burns calories like a gym workout. Playing basketball is a great way to maintain physical fitness. It improves stamina, body and mind coordination. This sport improves bone health and makes them stronger. It improves blood circulation and protects heart health. 


In the US anyone can take basketball as their profession as it is less expensive compared to other sports.  There are many basketball camps for kids that you can pre-book online. These camps offer state-wise schemes. There are NBA academies in public and private schools to train the students who aspire to be basketball players. People love the easy accessibility of this game.  

1. What Are the Two Lines at Each End of the Basketball Court?
  • A. Base Lines
  • B. End Lines
  • C. Game Lines
  • D. Court Lines

Easy to Learn

The game rules and regulations are easy to understand. Unlike other sports, it has a simple game agenda which is to score a goal by throwing the ball into the basket.   The dribble, shoot and defense techniques come with practice and one can become a basketball pro in no time. 

Team Sport

Basketball is a team sport.  Each and every person in the court is important and decides how the game takes the turn and whether the team wins or loses. This makes every player think of themselves as a hero of the game and improves their self-confidence.

Indoor Sport

Another main reason that almost everybody loves basketball is that it can be played regardless of the season.  The weather doesn’t affect the game as it is played indoors.

Basketball is an engaging game both physically and mentally. There are many reasons to love this awesome sport. There is no doubt that basketball is one of the coolest sports.

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