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A Person Who Can Write With Both Hands?
When and How We Celebrate American Labor Day?
How well you know about American Labor Day? Discover more unknown facts like labor day colors and labor day decorations here.
The Labor Day History You Don’t Know
The bloodbath that made 8hrs of work, workplace safety, and holidays a rule, here is the Labor Day history you don’t know.
Why Don’t People Work on Labor Day?
Why do people take Labor Day off? Discover everything about Labor Day and who will be working on this day.
10 Organisms Named after Celebrities
Discover the names of these organisms named after celebrities. Check out whether your favorite is there on the list now.
Why is Labor Day Celebrated in September?
Do you know nearly 80 countries celebrate Labor Day on May 1. Read our blog to know why the U.S celebrates Labor Day in September.
Interesting Facts about Animals That Don’t Make Noise
Did you know? Giraffes do not roar. Let’s learn about animals that don't make any sound.
Second Indian Woman In Space From America
Do you know Sirisha Bandla the second Indian woman in space from America? Here are 10 surprising facts about her for you.
How Big Is Earth? (Size Comparisons of Planets)
Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is? Read our blog to learn about planetary distances from Earth.
Guess the Most Followed Pet on Instagram
Did you know? Jiff Pom is the most famous dog on Instagram, and he is one of the most followed pets on Instagram.
Interesting Facts about SpaceX and Elon Musk
Did you know? Some of the scenes from Iron Man 2 were shot in the SpaceX factory. Discover more interesting facts about SpaceX.
The Deadliest Biological Weapons in the History
Before getting to know about the deadliest biological weapons know about the definition of the biological weapon through our blog.
What Are the Deadliest Diseases in the World?
Did you know? Nearly 6 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s. Read our blog to discover the deadliest diseases in the world.
10 Diseases Caused by Animals Near You
You may have your pets vaccinated but what about those tiny critters in your locality. Get to know how dangerous they are now.
Who Got the World’s First Face Transplant?
It wasn’t the Kardashian members who got the world’s first face transplant. Get to know everything about facial transplants now.
Interesting CRISPR Facts That Everyone Should Know
CRISPR is an easier, faster, and cheaper technique of editing DNA. You will be surprised to learn these CRISPR facts.
Unknown Facts about Atomic Bomb Effects on Japan
How well do you know about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing? Discover more unknown facts about the atomic bomb’s effects on Japan h
Interesting Facts about Victory over Japan Day, WW2
Do you know what states celebrate VJ Day? Get to know about Victory over Japan Day, WW2 through our fiery trivia quiz.
Interesting Facts about Largest 3rd Map of the Universe
If you are curious to learn about the largest 3D map, you have landed at the right place.
10 American Women’s Suffrage Movement Leaders
Do You Know These 10 Women's Suffrage Movement Leaders? Discover the history and success of these superwomen with TriviaSharp.
Who Has Bagged the Most Purple Heart Medals?
Albert Ireland earned nine Purple Hearts for his service in WW2. Learn more about WW2 Purple Heart recipients.
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