Do You Know These Best Board Games of All Time? Take Our Quiz

Elmira | 21 - 05 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

This Strategy Game Has Checkered Tiled Boards in Contrasting Colors and Is Played until a Lone King Is Left. Can You Identify the Ancient Game?

Questions 2 - 10

This Board Game Was Invented to Cheer up Americans’ Great Depression Caused in 1929. Can You Guess the Game?

Questions 3 - 10

It Is a Famous Real-Estate Board Game, and This Game aims to Remain Financially Solvent.

Questions 4 - 10

It Is One of the Top Board Games of All Time. It Is All about Conflict, Diplomacy, and Conquest. Players Can Make Alliances While Playing the Game.

Questions 5 - 10

Players Become Settlers Who Expand Their Settlement in Size and Earn Points. Can You Identify the Board Game?

Questions 6 - 10

It Is a Murder Mystery Game. Players Need to Find Who Killed Dr. Black. Can You Guess the Board Game?

Questions 7 - 10

In This Cross-Country Train Adventure Game, Players Are Supposed to Collect Train Cards to Claim Railway Routes.

Questions 8 - 10

It Is One of the Best Board Games Ever. In 1971, This Card Game Was Invented by Merle Robbins.

Questions 9 - 10

This Board Game Traced Back Approximately 5,000 Years Ago, Making It World’s Oldest Game Board Game. Can You Guess the Game?

Questions 10 - 10

It Resembles a Chess Game. This Game Is Also Called Draughts. Can You Identify the Game?