Halloween Riddles for Fun- Part 1

Eliza | 30 - 09 - 2020
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Questions 1 - 9

Why Do Witches Fly on Brooms?

Questions 2 - 9

You Can Find Me from Head to Toe, I Am a Liquid, I Make Some People Faint and I Am in Every Living Being You Know. What Am I?

Questions 3 - 9

I Am Alive without Breath and Cold as Death. I Am Never Thirsty but Always Drinking. What Am I?

Questions 4 - 9

You're in a Room and There Is a Ghost in the Room, but You're the Only One in the Room. How Is This Possible?

Questions 5 - 9

How Do Vampires Invite Each Other Out for Lunch?

Questions 6 - 9

What Is Red, Juicy, Delicious but Could Be Poisonous That Is Offered by the Wrong Woman?

Questions 7 - 9

I Am Wrapped but I Am Not a Gift, I Am Kept Neatly in a Chamber and Archeologists Find Me as a Great Treasure. What Am I?

Questions 8 - 9

The Person Who Built It Sold It. the Person Who Bought It Never Used It. the Person Who Used It Never Saw It. What Is It?

Questions 9 - 9

Where Do Ghosts, Zombies and Mummies Love to Go Swimming?