Top 50 Inventions of 2020 That Changed the World

Vannessa | 01 - 27 - 2021
  1. Flexwarm Smart Jacket
    A smart jacket tailored with built-in heating pads designed to keep the wearer warm during cold weather.
  2. Padrone Ring Mouse
    A computer mouse that is wearable like a ring.
  3. Cubinote- Sticky Note Printer
    A sticky note printer that prints your notes you type on colored papers.
  4. Willo- Automated Brushing
    A hands-free brushing tool that cleans your teeth without your intervention.
  5. Cradlewise Smart Crib
    An innovative crib and bassinet to put your baby to sleep. Equipped with sleep tracking and white noise.
  6. Unagi- Foldable Scooter
    World’s first foldable electric luxury scooter.
  7. Fairphone 3+-Green Phone
    Sustainable smartphone that can be recycled.
  8. Callaly Tampliner
    A tampon that comes with a mini liner that protects from leakage.
  9. Geopress Purifier
    A portable water purifier that enables the user to cleanse the drinking water from any source.
  10. City Transformer Electric Car
    A two-seater electric car that requires very less parking space.
  11. Verilux Sanitizing Wand
    An Ultraviolet sanitizing wand.
  12. Yanko Design- Copy & Paste
    A scanning and printing tool that saves time and paper.
  13. Martin Bionics Socketless Socket
    A comfortable knee disarticulation socket to replace the static rigid ones.
  14. MIITO Warmer
    A sustainable warmer to replace the traditional electric kettle.
  15. Dyson Carrol Hair Straightener
    Flexi plates to cause less damage to the hair while straightening.
  16. KEEP Kid Proof Storage
    A medicine storage box that comes with a biometric lock making it foolproof for children.
  17. Arubixs Foldable Smart Watch
    World’s first foldable smart watch
  18. Kiri Toys
    Smart toys to help kids learn with less screen time.
  19. Circular Skates
    Skates designed in the form of circles.
  20. Embodied Moxie
    An educational robot built for kids to learn and develop cognitive skills.
  21. Green Sports Shoe
    The first ever sustainable running shoe.
  22. ManiMe
    Customized manicure at home.
  23. Solar Roadways
    Solar panels built as roads for energy conservation.
  24. Dolfi Washing Device
    A washing device that cleans stains without manual work.
  25. Rocean One Water Bottle
    A device that ionizes, purifies, and carbonates regular water into sparkling or soda.
  26. Incredo Sugar
    Sweetener with much less sugar.
  27. 5G
    Successor of 4G, the 5th Generation technology for broadband cellular networks.
  28. LUMZAG Smart Bag
    A smart bag that can be charged. Comes with a light, camera, and anti-theft feature.
  29. Microneedles
    Designed for painless vaccines.
  30. Unhackable Internet
    A secure network based on quantum computing.
  31. Flare Safety Jewelry
    A safety bracelet that can send signals to protect from sexual assault.
  32. Peanut Allergy Therapy
    FDA approved Palforzia as a peanut allergen.
  33. Bimoz E-bike
    World’s lightest e-bike.
  34. HiMirror Smart Mirror
    Smart mirror to help identify wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes on the skin.
  35. LG Wing
    A transformative smartphone for multitasking.
  36. Phree Electronic Sensor Pen
    A virtual pen that can be used for jotting down the user’s thoughts anywhere and on anything.
  37. Samsung Ballie
    A ball-shaped new-age personal assistant.
  38. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus
    A laptop with a 13-inch display on its cover to read a book or check the calendar.
  39. Sony a7C
    Mirrorless full-frame camera for shooting 4K videos.
  40. Cuzen Matcha
    A matcha machine at home.
  41. CleanseBot
    A robotic device that cleans dust, virus, and bacteria from any surface.
  42. Key-X
    Keyboard for people with cerebral palsy.
  43. Levia Levitating Lamp
    A levitating lightbulb that operates through electromagnetic induction.
  44. Moon Ultra
    A clip-on device that can be attached to any camera/ smartphone when there is poor lighting.
  45. Samsung Sero TV
    TV that rotates to switch between portrait and landscape mode.
  46. Vizio Soundbar
    Hi-quality soundbar that uses Dolby Atmos audio standard.
  47. NANO1
    World’s smallest astronomy camera.
  48. Water Walker
    Aqua treadmill filled with water for fitness.
  49. Van Robotics ABii
    HI-tech tutor for students.
  50. Vollebak Metal Jacket
    Copper clothing to clear bacteria and virus

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