Countries That Ban Valentine’s Day

Emma | 01 - 15 - 2021

Many Islamic countries have Valentine’s Day ban. Valentine’s Day is against the rule of Islam and it is considered as harm which means sin or forbidden. There are many reasons why Islamic followers don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are few

  1. This festival is an innovative one that doesn’t come from the tradition of Islam.
  2. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is like following/ imitating another tradition.
  3. According to Islam, love before marriage is strictly prohibited.

Countries That Have Valentine’s Day Ban


In 2017 Islamabad high court banned Valentine’s Day saying it’s not a part of Muslim tradition. The government also warns the media not to cover any special program for Valentine’s Day as it can influence people.


Malaysia banned Valentine’s Day for Muslims in 2005 and the Islamic officials said that this day has other traditions element in it and it is said to be a crime to connect with other traditions.

Name This Country in Which 61% of the Population Practice Islam. This Country Follows a Stricter Valentine’s Day Ban Than Any Other Country.
  • A. Malaysia
  • B. Qatar
  • C. India
  • D. Turkey


Indonesia banned Valentine’s Day in 2012 stating it is against Islamic values and it can affect the purity of Islamic laws. Not only lovers, even couples have also been told that they will be ‘defying Islamic law’ if they celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Iran banned Valentine’s Day in 2011 and authorities have prohibited advertisements and even the production of Valentine’s Day gifts which is against their tradition. Iran police instructed the printing workers that they will be punished if they print or produce any product relating to Valentine’s Day.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia banned Valentine’s Day In 2008. Saudi Arabia police announced fatwa which means a ruling point in Islamic law. This country also banned all red things which were about to be sold on Valentine’s Day, because this day encourages immoral relationships between unmarried men and women which is totally against Islamic rules.

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